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Pride 2019 illustration campaign

To celebrate this year’s Pride Month, shado asked five of our brilliant global illustrators to create a captioned image which, for them, encapsulates what Pride means. Take a look at how Emilie Muszczak, Maryam Jamal, Ania Sinik, Liv Page and Lauren Drinkwater illustrated their Pride.

1. Emilie Muszczak
‘Love is Never Wrong’


2. Maryam Jamal
‘Say Love’


3. Ania Sinik
“Your lives matter. Your voices matter. Your stories matter.” Laverne Cox


4. Liv Page
‘Pride is proudly living together, all individual, and equally beautiful!’


5. Lauren Drinkwater
‘Summer is one of my best friends, she’s a warrior woman whose laugh lights up my soul. She is brave. She is power. She is the sunshine on a rainy day. Summer has taught me about acceptance, love, life, spirituality and connection within ourselves and the world. Summer, I love you my babe. Thank you for your constant flow of energy. I’m so proud of your growth. I can’t wait to be an old woman with you drinking wine whilst we giggle at all of the silly things we’ve done and toast to our long list of achievements.’

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