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From the River to the Sea Fundraising Poster for Medical Aid for Palestine


shado have collaborated with artists Aude Abou Nasr and Chiara Zakhia  to launch this fundraising poster where 100% of all sales will go to Medical Aid for Palestine


shado have collaborated with artists Aude Abou Nasr and Chiara Zakhia  to launch this fundraising poster where 100% of all sales will go to Medical Aid for Palestine, a charity that works for the health and dignity of Palestinians living under occupation and as refugees.
Aude Abou Nasr and Chiara Zakhia write “This is a drop in the ocean of voices repeating again and again that from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free. Nothing lasts forever, especially when it is rooted in theft, ethnic cleansing and apartheid. You can’t build happiness and prosperity on blood.”
Dimensions: A4
Please read and amplify the short-term demands of Palestinians: 
1. An immediate ceasefire to allow for dignified burials for the deceased in overflowing morgues and under rubble, and to prevent disease outbreaks
2. The urge restoration of water, food, fuel, medical supplies and humanitarian aid.
3. Immediate protection of medical facilities and the reversal of the illegal and inhumane evacuation orders for hospitals
4. The facilitation of safe passage for casualties and critically ill individuals in need of medical treatment.
5. While the people of Gaza vehemently reject forced displacement, we insist on opening the crossings for those seeking to evacuate and permitting the entry of medical and rescue teams, along with their equipment.
Price: £30
Shipping: £5 UK, £8 EU, £12 US + international