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Editorial Policy

shado’s aim is to exist as an international media platform which cuts through the noise of an oversaturated attention economy.

We are committed to supporting grassroots journalism and amplifying the voices of those at the front of social and political change.



Submissions are received by email info@shado-mag.com. Copy for all articles must be supplied electronically via email as attached documents. Photographs will be considered.


All submissions are edited for style and consistency. The contributor is consulted during the production process whenever questions related to content arise.


Each written submission is sent to an illustrator to provide a visual accompaniment to the piece. Illustrators can put forward their portfolios to info@shad0-mag.com and are paid the same fee as writers.


Photographs are accepted. Digital photographs must be between 200-500KB to be appropriate. 


The co-founders and Senior Editor proofread all content and copy-edits documents.


Respect for the reader demands that we should not casually use words that are likely to offend or discriminate.


Fees will be outlined and agreed upon by shado at the offset in email correspondence before work is published.


Contributors are ultimately responsible for the accuracy of the information they provide. Contributors are responsible for meeting deadlines and confirming the timely receipt of their submissions to shado. Contributors must acknowledge that the editor and executive director have the final word on content and tone.