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S2 Ep1: The squat as a home, From Brixton to Brazil

Can we look to the squat as a place of ‘collective worldmaking’?

Last season, the need for housing justice – in all its forms – came up so much that we’ve dedicated an entire season to it. From migrant communities building home away from home, to indigenous communities defending their homes, the concept of home has so much to teach us.

To kick us off, co-hosts Zoe and Larissa are talking squatting: and where better to start than Olive Morris, the Brixton Black Women’s Group, the Brixton Black Panthers and an occupied launderette in Brixton? (It’s a South London massive!!) But our conversation took us from South of the Thames to the Rozbrat squat in Poland and the multiple interconnected squats of the #RightsToTheCity movement in Brazil. Can we look to the squat as a place of ‘collective worldmaking’?


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