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Ashley Suszczynski is a visual anthropologist based in Wilmington, Delaware, USA, whose work is focused on capturing ancient traditions in the modern day.
Chi Nwosu is a Black, non-binary, queer, Nigerian artist based in Chicago whose work focuses on collective liberation
Akanji Studio by Richard Akanji Amole is an AI research lab and production studio advocating for better support and resources for those affected by sickle cell disorder.
Tasneem Elnayal is a Sudanese-British artist based in London whose work explores the intersection of cultural identity and belonging.
Kalakal (Driss Chaoui) is a France-based illustrator with a sharp interest in the queer Muslim identity, and an emphasis on colour
Theresa Lola is a British Nigerian poet and artist based in London whose work focuses on mental health, displacement, and social oppression.
Jess Nash is an illustrator, lecturer and freelance workshop facilitator based in London whose work focuses on moments of relatability, connection and joy
Sara Neuhart is a San Francisco based artist who thrives on creating work that not only challenges the way we think about the world today but also how we see it in the future.  
Reem Khurshid is a visual journalist from Karachi, Pakistan whose work focuses on communicating issues of social justice, politics and feminism.
Tarn Susumpow is a Brooklyn-based artist with roots in Bangkok, Thailand. She’s working on preserving the everyday story of her family, one vector ingredient at a time. How has your...
How has your lived experience shaped your practice? Since I was a child, illustration has been my refuge. It has been my safe place to return to identify and express...
Asma Istwani is an artist working in London whose work combines found images, magazine editorials and personal photography and explores the larger narrative surrounding beauty standards and identity
CK Nosun is an anarchist and artist making work that documents struggles for and celebrates the possibility of anti-capitalist and abolitionist futures. How has your lived experience shaped your practice?...
Samia Singh,  is a graphic designer, artist and sometimes-musician based in Chandigarh, India whose work focuses on women, nature and food.