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See. Hear. Act. Do.

shado is a multimedia platform driving change at the intersection of arts, activism and academia. 

Our name stands for See. Hear. Act. Do. Through this online platform and the print publication (available to purchase here), shado provides a space for the co-existence of people across different fields who are doing incredible work, but often in silo – which limits their impact. By capturing the pulse of creative communities across the globe and uniting voices around the world, shado celebrates and inspires the ways in which we can all see, hear, act and do.



shado was born out of a frustration at the lack of space for people to take control of their own stories. We believe that those with lived experience of a topic or injustice are best placed to advocate for meaningful change within that space: shado is a platform for these people. We also didn't think there were enough platforms for different fields to work in collaboration towards social justice – so, with shado, we want to bring a network of people together to cultivate a culture-led system change. At every site of conflict, culture and creativity creativity prevails, and by capturing the pulse of these creative communities, we hope to create a space for new understandings to form. 


An online and print magazine.

shado provides a physical space for those across different fields, who are currently working in isolation, to co-exist. We work closely with local and global communities to spotlight and celebrate necessary and innovative stories.


Alongside every print issue we run a series of collaborative events to bring to life the work explored in the publication. These engage wider communities and further support and promote the work of our contributors. These include exhibitions, panel discussions, performances, workshops and film screenings. We build lasting relationships with the people and communities we meet through our work 

Projects + Creative Agency work

We create, produce and facilitate a range of different projects in order to actively connect with the topics we are exploring in the publication. We have collaborated with organisations from Amnesty International to Alliance for Choice.

Do you have a story to tell? We'd love to hear from you! Email us on info@shado-mag.com