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shado Issue 02: Global Womxnhood (Print)


Global Womxnhood

Our second issue of shado aims to broaden definitions of what it means to identify as a woman, which is both shaped and constantly renegotiated by a number of factors (social, political, familial, environmental) – around the world. Through including stories from womxn and men from 38 countries around the world, we hope the voices we have collated within this edition help add insight into the multilayered nature of ‘womxnhood’. We made the editorial decision to spell womxn with an x to be inclusive of all people identifying as such.

Includes 30 features
156 pages with dimensions: 230mmx280mm
Front cover design: Tinuke Fagborun @tinuke.illustration

What readers have said

If there is any magazine that everyone should be reading right now, it is this one. shado magazine is doing a beautiful thing. Bringing together stories from people around the world who are fighting for human rights in some of the most challenging conditions, and also thriving despite them, is inspiring beyond words.
Laura Moseley, founder of Made by Women Zines.

shado is a celebration of womxnhood – our brilliance, our diversity, and our resilience – and is a much-needed tonic against patriarchy and western white feminism. There is so much power in womxn sharing their stories: Storytelling enables us to realise just how many voices have been left out in the telling of history, it reveals the multitude of ways we have been silenced and oppressed, and it builds connection and momentum to create the change that is long overdue.” ​
Maisie Hill, author of Period Power