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shado issue 04: Youth




2021 showcases the power of youth like never before. After a year of COVID-19, you might expect a stagnation in action and hope. However, it is young voices which have been shouting the loudest in calling out for the future they deserve. That is what shado’s fourth issue underlines: that no matter the injustice or the prevailing atmosphere, youth will be leading the charge. So we’re asking: will you join them?

The issue is guest edited by Mikaela Loach, climate justice and anti-racism activist, and features interviews with, and articles by, other prominent voices from the new generation: young feminist writer Em O’Desser, anti-racism educator Angel Arutura and ‘Martha Stewart for Socialists’ Grace Nkem (TikTok alias @bettyimages)

Includes 20 features

86 pages with dimensions: 230mmx280mm Front cover design: Rosa Kusabbi @rosa_illustration

What readers have said

We hear a lot of praise for “youth movements” and “the power of young people” in the media, yet are rarely given an insight into what this work is, or the efforts behind the scenes that earn young people this recognition. This issue of shado is bringing to the fore some of the most incredible young people around the world; offering a platform to share their struggles and solutions. It’s a brilliant edition and I’m so excited for more people to learn about the wonderful and compassionate young minds that are shaping the world of the future. – Helena Bennett, climate activist and educator

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