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Illustration by Anna Russell

They Talk About Earth

Words by Abdulazez Dukhan

They talk about earth since my birth,
They talk about care, but nobody cares.
Human rights and right of speech,
This is our kingdom, kingdom earth.

But –

It is real, none of us feel.
Oppression is here, famine is there
And poverty, both here and there.

Some suicidal after having perfect life,
Others die because life gave them a knife.
Some die alone on their chair,
Others die through the nuclear.

And through all of that,
we take off our hat,
Standing up and respecting those who make the decision –
Which decision did they make in this collision?

Making weapons to protect ourselves?
Then protect yourself from yourself.
Building walls to keep you far from others?
Shouldn’t you and others protect each other?

What happened to us?
This is Quran, and that is the cross,
Why don’t we leave judgment and instead of judge?
We build a bridge, connect us with love,
And take us away from the edge?

Illustration by Anna Russell

Abdulazez Dukhan is a Syrian photographer based in Brussels
To view more of his work visit www.azyeux.com
Instagram @abdulazez_dukhan | @through_refugee_eyes

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