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Why Black Lives Matter in the Climate Movement: An Introduction to Environmental Racism.

About this Event

“Mitigating the climate crisis and healing our Earth requires reparations for Black people because the degradation of the environment is inseparable from the degradation of Black bodies” (Teju Adisa-Farrar). A​s summarised by Cullors and Nguvu of the BLM movement, “Racism is endemic to global inequality. This means that those most affected by climate change are Black and poor people”.

This event will be looking at why, in localised contexts, systemic inequalities have left Black and Brown communities most vulnerable to the impacts of the climate crisis and how this is exacerbated on a global level.

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Our wonderful panel of speakers includes:

Joycelyn Longdon, a current MRes and PhD student at Cambridge University using AI to address climate change.

Mikaela Loach, a climate justice activist, co-host of The Yikes Podcast, writer and medical student based in Edinburgh.

Samia Dumbuya, a climate justice activist and co-founder of Seize the Vote who believes that environmental justice does not exist without social justice.

Teju Adisa-Farrar, a Jamaican-America writer and geographer whose work centres on climate and environmental justice, adaptive responses, ecological resilience and cultural equity.

The event would be the third of a shado’s series: Human Rights in an Inhospitable Climate: Displacement and Exploitation in the Climate Crisis.

At the heart of​ shado issue 03: Climate Justice​ is a simple message: that a fight for a better world cannot be won without addressing the climate crisis as a social justice issue.

This means investigating inherent global inequalities and how they factor into the current crisis. This is what this series hopes to explore, hearing from different intersections addressing a range of topics, from exploitation of workers’ rights to the Black Lives Matter movement, to establish how we can move forward in a way that is representative and beneficial for all of the world’s citizens.

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