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shado’s Bookshelf: Sex Workers’ Rights

First book club session, Tuesday 13th September, 6pm

Cluster two of shado’s Bookshelf exploring Sex Workers’ Rights through a fiction, a non-fiction and a memoir.

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About this event

The theme for our second cluster, hosted once more by the brilliant Sharlene Gandhi, is Sex Workers’ Rights. We will be exploring topics related to intersectional feminism, LGBTQI+ rights, sex positivity and sex worker movements.

We are aiming for our sessions to be conversation-led and informal, where everyone can feel safe and empowered enough to bring their own ideas, thoughts and reflections!

Rather than reading the whole book, we’ll be asking people to read a short extract and then we will use that extract to explore the topic and themes throughout the rest of the session.


Our first book club session will be taking place on Tuesday 13th September at 6pm and the text we will be focusing on is Rainbow Milk by Paul Mendez.

Book Club perks: By signing up to our 3-month cluster, all attendees will get access to unique resources and personalised newsletters where we will share information about the book club, calls to action and resources related to the theme.

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