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Generation Change: the role of young people in the fight for climate justice

Generation Change: the role of young people in the fight for climate justice

Date: March 4th 6pm GMT

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Young people are on the frontline, witnessing and fighting the impacts of the crisis which they did not contribute to but are forced to experience in real time. Over the past few years we have seen young people across the globe mobilising in their thousands to demand a better future, moving away from an individualistic approach to climate change and holding governments and industries to account. We know that those who contribute the least to climate change bear the worst impacts: it is therefore vital to listen to those with lived experience who are advocating for change.

Armed with the power of digital literacy, young people are not only championing new causes, they’re revolutionising the way these causes are championed, working in tandem at a global scale to ensure that the voices that are heard are diverse, intersectional and louder than ever before.

This event will explore how young people are transforming the climate movement, hearing from 4 youth activists across the globe speaking from frontline communities.

Our speakers will include:

Nicki Becker:Nicki Becker is one of the main organisers and one of the founders of Jóvenes por el Clima Argentina

O’Niel Leadon:O’niel Leadon is a Bahamian writer, conservationist and content creator whose work stands out due to his commitment to creative storytelling and cultural representation

Mitzi Jonelle Tan:Mitzi Jonelle Tan is a climate justice activist based in Metro Manila, Philippines.

Wanjiku “Wawa” Gatheru: Wanjiku “Wawa” Gatheru is an environmental justice advocate, writer and current graduate student at the University of Oxford.

The event would be the fifth of a shado’s series in collaboration with Mishcon de Reya: Human Rights in an Inhospitable Climate: Displacement and Exploitation in the Climate Crisis.

At the heart of​ shado issue 03: Climate Justice​ is a simple message: that a fight for a better world cannot be won without addressing the climate crisis as a social justice issue.

This means investigating inherent global inequalities and how they factor into the current crisis. This is what this series hopes to explore, hearing from different intersections addressing a range of topics, from exploitation of workers’ rights to the Black Lives Matter movement, to establish how we can move forward in a way that is representative and beneficial for all of the world’s citizens.

Design: Lilani Vane Last

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