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Illustration by Alex Francis @alexefrancis

An introduction to holding the fashion industry to account: Why climate justice needs fair fashion

18th March, 6pm GMT

Date: 18th March, Time: 6pm GMT

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As the world ponders high fashion trends and highstreet retailers aim to provide a budget friendly version, the climate conscious among us are instead focused on this question: what is fashion’s role in the climate justice movement?

As a large culprit, both in their carbon footprint and their unethical exploitation of supply chains, it’s undeniable that something needs to change in the fashion industry. In fact, this has already been partially addressed by retailers, with outwards facing green commitments being used in advertising campaigns across the board, authentic or otherwise.

So where do we stand? How do we move beyond fashions reputation as frivolous and use fashion instead as a legitimate force for climate justice?

In this event shado will be teaming up with GoClimate to offer an introduction to the topic, hearing from industry experts to delve deeper into the fashion industry’s contribution to the climate crisis and how and why the climate justice movement needs fair fashion.

Illustration by Alex Francis @alexefrancis

Our speakers will include:

Aditi Mayer: Aditi Mayer is a sustainable fashion blogger, photojournalist, labour rights activist, and frequent speaker on topics of social and environmental justice.

Maya Penn: Maya Penn is a 21 year old award-winning environmental activist, founder and CEO of eco-fashion brand Maya’s Ideas which she started in 2008.

Flora Beverley: Flora Beverley is a fitness model, blogger and social media consultant based in London. Alongside her love of food and fitness, Flora speaks passionately about environmentalism and mental health, using her platform to disseminate information and myth bust

Zainab Mahmood: Zainab Mahmood is a freelance writer and content creator from London. Her writing and Instagram content focus on slow fashion and climate justice, in particular where they intersect with social justice.

About shado: shado is a multimedia platform channelling lived experience at the intersection of arts, activism and academia.

About GoClimate: GoClimate fights climate catastrophe by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, while always keeping climate justice in mind and operating with 100% transparency. As a community, they finance effective climate projects that build a foundation for a sustainable future and support you in reducing your carbon footprint.

Design by Alexandra Francis

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