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Perfect words and image inscribed on a wall in Khartoum by Alaa Satir in light of what has been happening in Sudan – not just for the past couple of days it has been documented in global media, but since December.


“Freedom of expression is not something commonly practiced here and with this uprising people are constantly breaking this fear barrier, speaking up and even getting creative in the way they do it. This has been a massive amount of inspiration for me, not only in what I choose to draw, but also in how I choose to do it. This was my first mural and certainly won’t be my last, because this movement started in the streets and revolution art deserves to be there as well – to remind us what we have been fighting for, and document what we went through.”

Instagram @alaasatir

Sara El Hassan provides us with important context:

Last week, the world discovered the Sudanese revolution. They hadn’t witnessed the first four months of protest, of mass arrest and torture and cold blooded murder. They came just in time to witness Bashir be ousted. They watched, mouths agape at the veritable tidal wave of resistance. They exclaimed their surprise at our numbers, that our women made sound, that they had a voice, and that they knew how to wield it. They watched another military man take Bashir’s place. But we were now filled with the spirit of the revolution. It took 30 years to remove AlBashir, but we drummed out his replacement in 30 hours. Power like this cannot be quantified. A will as strong as this cannot be contained.

Our battle is still not over – far from it. But we are a people united, determined and deserving never to bow to tyranny again.”

Instagram @bsonblast

Thank you to this amazing pair and to all the other inspirational women in Sudan 🇸🇩❤️ #sudanrevolts

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