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shado Issue 03: Climate Justice


Climate Justice

Our use of the term Climate Justice is shado’s attempt to redefine the climate crisis as a social justice issue. While the Western world is slowly waking up to climate change as a threat to its existence, the rapid decline of our environment is also a site for multiple intersections of injustice – making the climate crisis a human rights issue of critical and increasing importance.

Climate is a hot topic right now – both figuratively and literally – but that mainstream media seems to focus on Greta Thunberg, XR ‘rebels’, and not much else. So, we want this edition to spotlight the people creating change on the frontlines who are not afforded any time in Western press. Included in this issue are the voices of climate activities, artists and researchers from 26 countries around the world.

We believe that understanding can be an antidote to violence and misrepresentation – and that those who are subject to this injustice are the ones best placed to advocate for meaningful change within this space.

Includes 17 features
84 pages with dimensions: 230mmx280mm
Front cover design: Fernanda Peralta @fernandaperalta_ilustracao


What readers have said

shado’s third issue dedicated to climate justice is one of the best collections of stories of climate justice I have ever read. I was left mesmerised. Articles from artists and activists around the globe tie together the truths of different injustices, how race, gender, disability and class are interlinked with the climate crisis and connect these individual stories to the structures of conflict, capitalism, colonialism and COVID-19, highlighting the urgency to act now. This issue centres the people at the sharpest end of climate change impacts, reminding us that they have been leading this work for centuries. As the world is burning, flooding and in the grip of capitalism; we must actively listen, learn, and act with care, collectivity and solidarity.
Samia Dumbuya, Climate Justice Activist

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