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Radical collective action and system re-imagination

Tuesday 19th October 6.30pm

shado x Pluto Press present: radical collective action and system re-imagination

19th October 6.30pm, Online webinar

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About this event

On Tuesday 19th October join shado and Pluto press for an evening of conversation between climate activist and campaigner, Samia Dumbuya and author of Burnt, Chris Saltmarsh.

With less than a month before COP26 all eyes are turning to world leaders for action. But as Chris says, “Never trust a COP” – with this year’s conference looking to be woefully lacking in inclusion or transparency thanks to UK Government negligence and mismanagement.

Burnt is a deep dive into capitalism’s puppetry of the world we live in and the climate impacts it reaps. Tracing back a history of extraction and exploitation which leaves marginalised working class communities and BIPOC the most vulnerable to the climate crisis, Chris challenges the current systems and urges organisation to change the status quo.

So, how can we move forward and which path holds our solutions? Will politicians hold the answers or do we need to turn elsewhere?

Samia and Chris will explore these ideas including the delusions of green capitalism, the need for a people’s green new deal, anti-imperialism and how we strip the profit motive from our exploitative systems.

Questions explored will include:

  • What does system change look like and who will be the ones to lead us here?
  • What are some of the problems with progressive climate conversations in the global north and how do these reinforce a eurocentric climate discourse and silencing of solutions put forward by most affected people and places?
  • What significance will/should reparations play in our movement moving forward?

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