Charles Hazlewood feels most at home in a swimming pool.

Instead of water, however, the empty pool found in his new home is filled with an organ, a grand piano, towers of score music and a dizzying range of synths.

“Why would you want an actual pool in England?” Charles justifies.

“The idea to found Paraorchestra started to percolate when my daughter was diagnosed with cerebral palsy”, he explains. “By that point I’d conducted orchestras around the world and in the thousands of musicians that I’d met, I couldn’t think of a single one that had a disability, and I thought: ‘well that’s just plain weird’.”

In discussion with world renowned conductor and musician Charles Hazlewood about founding Paraorchestra

“Paraorchestra has only become a real force for change because of the art we make”

By Erin Cobby