How is your health data linked to Israeli occupation?

In November 2023, Palantir was awarded a £330 million contract to create a new data management system called the Federated Data Platform (FDP) that aims to provide ‘joined up’ NHS services.

This will involve their software, Foundry, handling unprecedented amounts of confidential patient data from across the NHS in one platform, which would usually only be held within the NHS by one hospital group. This would possibly be the largest population health dataset in the world.

While Palantir looks to profit from our public services, junior doctors are on strike for a 7th time this year. Wages for health workers have shrunk dramatically in real terms and quality of care has plummeted. The hostile environment towards migrants within the NHS is strengthening and the UK government is increasingly digitising the hostile environment.

In a context of grievous health injustices experienced by Palestinians, the creeping privatisation of the NHS, and the increasing state surveillance on minoritised communities in the UK, Palantir stands to profit from a massive public sector contract, providing it with unprecedented access to health data, whilst actively supporting the ongoing genocide.

How is your health data linked to Israeli occupation?

By Health Workers for a free Palestine (UK)