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Sea Crossing

by Wisam Sami

Wisam Sami is an Iraqi actor, film-maker and poet. Above is a video he made of his journey across the sea from Turkey to Greece, where he now has asylum.

At shado, our main ethos is on self-representation and self-narration. Although there are lots of victimising, negative images of sea-crossings and refugees dominating the media, we think it is really important to allow space and provide a platform for people to tell their own stories.

2,000 displaced people have died so far in 2018 trying to cross the Mediterranean – a figure which has been erased by mainstream news reportage. Wisam’s account pays an important tribute to those who have lost their lives, and illuminates the reality that thousands of refugees continue to face, as shown through his own eyes.

“I filmed some footage of my crossing and then made a film about the journey which we made, and which millions of refugees make seeking peace and protection, risking their lives.
Through my film, I wanted to get across some facts. One of them is the difficult decision of facing the sea in the first place. You don’t want to face the sea, because you risk your life and your children’s lives, and you could become counted as one of the numbers of dead. It was also to convey a message to the world, to try and move people into action to give peace and protection to countries where war is happening, and where innocent people and children are faced with the one dangerous option of trafficking.”

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