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Anna Virabyan



My name is Anna. I am a domestic violence surviver in a refuge. I was seeking protection for me and my three children in UK and in three years I have received refugee status.

During that difficult period in my life I expressed emotions through art. It helped me overcome fear, pain and reales me from depression.

Before I used to paint and draw in a realistic way. While I was going through challenges, my art work has changed dramatically. During this journey my perception has changed and my art became more suggestive, abstract.

I am inspired by the flow and unpredictability of how my emotions – with varying shapes, textures, strokes and depth transfer on to paper. You will see how a stream of graphical direction, inherent with emotion transferred on to paper. Unconsciously after I realised how the contrast of black and white intertwine. In this complexity I could see perspective. With time my work became lighter, more clear and colourful. I’ve started to use watercolour paints in wet-on-wet technique. It brings you in a real moment where you can let everything just go.

Process of art is my inner conversation with life. All the situations which I’ve pasted through had dimensions inside, I felt it and I transferred it. Creativity can help to explore such things as unverbal communication, the sense of belonging no matter the legal status and identity. It clears barriers between you, others and life itself.

Now I provide workshops for a different range of people, from different cultures and backgrounds to help them express themselves through techniques of creativity and the ability to freely express themselves in their own unique way.

All I can say is I am grateful for my experience as I saw and felt things which I may never see and feel. Main are The Sense of Freedom and an Amazing People around.










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