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Illustration by Charlotte Parker @happymind

Sex Life

words by Jerusha Green

limp banana
on the kitchen counter



like it is separate from some other life

yesterday lying on my yoga mat i frantically wanked three times
foetal position
white school girl knickers
baggy with wear
didn’t think of you
did for a second but
it was distracting
thought about watching porn but it didn’t seem very zen

you reduced your beard by half and started vaping and now i think you are perhaps an entirely different person
heavier in my heart
you look like your mum

wonder when it all got quite so bad
in dark hours
wad of duvet wedged between our bodies
you are very far away from me
you are far away

wonder when it all got quite so sad
kissed your neck
sensually i thought
you laughed
not talking
not talking
not talking anymore

wonder when you’ll be home tonight
can’t sleep
so tired
wonder when you’ll be coming home
nextdoor are fucking
and i’m so fucking tired

wonder whether i still love you or
just really like your cooking
wonder whether i still love you or
just really




Illustration by Charlotte Parker @happymind

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