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Hanan’s Diary (Berlin, Germany)

Two days after 23 year old Hanan married the love of her life in Syria she was forced to leave him behind and start a new life in Germany. In 2012 as fighting intensified in their area she and her parents and three siblings had applied for a family visa through an Aunt in Berlin, but they didn’t hear any news for three years. However, when the visa unexpectedly came through in 2015 the family knew they had to take it, but her husband, Alaa, was not on the papers.

Today Hanan is trying to find a way to bring Alaa to Germany, but due to a loophole in her status it looks unlikely that she will be able to do so in a legal way. Through her diaries we hear of her struggle to find a way through the red tape, of her longing for her husband, and of their precious moments snatched on skype while he is in hiding in Lebanon.

Diarist: Hanan Alsous
Producer: Carol Nahra and Astrid Hald