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Juta Shoes

Juta is a social enterprise empowering marginalised women through craft. They support, train and employ women who facemultiple barriers to work. They run a free employability skills scheme, and offer their graduates flexible, well-paid work making handcrafted espadrilles and teaching shoemaking workshops. They work with sustainable materials, like leather reclaimed from local factory offcuts and upcycled vegan faux fur.

Since they started in 2016, they’ve run workshops for over 500 people, sold more than 200 pairs of shoes, reclaimed 300 kilos of leather from landfill, and worked with 50 women through their employability skills programmes.

“We believe in fair fashion: you should know who made your shoes, and that they were paid fairly.
We believe in making beautiful and useful things from reclaimed and sustainable materials.
We believe in the power of craft and creative work to empower local communities.”

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