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Ground Report

18th November 2018

The cyclical nature of movement, encampment and eviction in northern France was again evident this week .
Since the large-scale eviction on the 23rd October, a new jungle developed on the Jesuit Farm in Grande-Synthe, with estimates suggesting that between 500 to 800 people were living outside.

On Tuesday, this area was evicted by riot police forces.

RWC volunteers on the ground were informed by police officers that there were 400 places on buses to take people to accommodation centres, with priority to be given to families and unaccompanied minors.

Several families in the neighbouring Puythouck jungle were outside the police perimeter, and were told that they would have to wait until the end of the operation to see if any space was available on buses. RWC volunteers witnessed one family being escorted inside the perimeter to where buses were stationed.
Some families we were in contact with in the day who were able to get on a bus expressed that they were unaware of where they were going; something which RWC has noted as a pattern of these evictions.

The majority of families around Dunkirk are now in accommodation centres. We estimate that around 20 women and children are currently living outside, as well as hundreds of single displaced men.

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