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Heshem’s Diary (Duisburg, Germany)

As far as the media is concerned Hesham has ‘made it’ as an asylum seeker in Europe. After a gruelling journey to Europe (involving swimming the stretch from Turkey to Greece) he reached Germany in 2015 and from there his asylum claim was a quick process and he now lives in a one bedroom flat in Duisburg. However, through his audio diaries we learn of the day-to-day monotony of life alone in an alien and at times hostile city. We hear of how he misses each of his 7 family members – one of whom is dead and another missing, while the other five are spread across five different countries. Unable to visit any of them he says he now lives in a ‘virtual world’ – the internet offering his only real interactions with other human beings, and also his only source of information in a culture so at odds with his own.

Diarist: Hesham Moadamani
Producer: Jodie Taylor

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